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The Everyday Woman Custom Earrings

Sale priceSGD 29.00
Left Earring:
Right Earring:

Customize your own pair from our The Everyday Woman Collection earrings. You can pick 2 mismatch pieces to create a unique pair of your own. Please indicate your choices in the selection boxes.

Please note that there may be textures, grains and colour variations as our items are all handmade using natural wood. This is inherent to the material and it does not indicate that the item is defective.

Scarlett is confident and committed to whatever path she is on. She gets things done efficiently, and prefers to focus on the solutions rather than the problems in various situations. Throw her a lemon and she will turn it into a delicious creamy lemon pie! She is a bundle of energy and is the cheerleader in her group; encouraging her friends to be the best versions of themselves.

Casey is someone who is easy-going and comfortable in her own skin. She doesn't fit the traditional expectations of her, but she is not bothered by others' opinions. She is independent and has forged her own path. Her circle of friends loves her as she cares deeply for people, and often puts others above herself.

Nora is free-spirited and spontaneous. She goes where her heart leads and is not afraid to speak her mind. She is always looking to make a difference and working her way to greater things. She makes friends easily because of her bubbly nature, and always makes an effort to connect with others.

Alice is warm, steady and gets along with everyone. She works hard and gives her all to her family and loved ones. She is fun-loving yet at the same time, she possesses a quiet strength that draws people to her. She would be the first person her friends call when they need some a listening ear and some comfort.

Becky marches to the beat of her own drum. She is bold in her choices, and pulls them off with style and confidence. She is also an optimist at heart and never gives up when things get tough. To her, the glass is always half full. With her positive outlook in life, she always never fails to motivate and inspire those around her.

Don’t be fooled by Jamie’s serious first impression! She is known for her sense of humour, and when she bursts into laughter, others can’t help but laugh along with her. She is also focused and dependable, and is a well-loved and respected part of her team.